NoZAP | Personalized Television

Our tech: Lean adaptive personal video streaming

We developed a novel video streaming platform. Our NoZAP platform enables personal television channels based on live and on-demand video in one stream at the cost levels of classic broadcasting. Core values of our technology:

  • Distribution of HD tv at the cost levels of old-fashioned broadcasting at high volumes(10-100 times cheaper than average internet video casting)
  • Fast startup of streams
  • Razor sharp: HD 1080p 6Mbit and ready for 4K, 8K, etc
  • Adaptive streaming to reduce hampering at slow connections
  • Personalized continuous play-out of live and on-demand video without hampering
  • Narrow-casting of advertisements, enabling low-volume ad-markets
  • Players for every screen: Smart-TVs, HDMI TV Plugs, Desktop PCs, Tablets and Phones
  • Runs in a browser: Installation of additional software or apps is not required
  • Interactive television support
  • (light-weight) DRM support
  • Live ingestion
  • Low-latency redundant video storage and distribution network architecture
  • Full use of caching capabilities of the internet
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Detailed statistics up to 30 seconds
  • Unskippable advertisements, pre, post and mid-roll
  • Geolocation control of play-out
  • Catch-up TV support
  • Very low energy footprint by using partial evaluation techniques and optimized network architecture

Our mission: Providing an open high quality personalized television network

We believe that if television was designed today it would omit a remote control with numbers. We believe if television was designed today it would be an open platform, for both, producers and viewers. We believe an open personalized television platform always offers the best entertainment and openness offers new artists the ability to cast their story without borders.

Our vision: Within 5 till 10 years television will be distributed via internet

Internet will be the primary carrier of text, audio and video to all our devices within 10 years. As a result the distribution of television will move from a broadcast infrastructure (radio signal and/or cable network) to internet-based distribution. Given this new era, we started with the development of an internet-based television distribution platform. Watching TV and video will be ubiquitous, and personal. Equipment as DVD-players, video-recorders or services like catch-up television will be obsolete; they are all integrated in the distribution network. One of the core values of television will stay: the watch-change-paradigm.